• « Thank you Etienne! At the risk of repeating myself, mandating SYMO to represent us with the architects was an excellent decision on our part. Each time you communicate this type of message to us, which is the result of your work, it’s a party here. Please pass on our appreciation to your team as well. »
  • « SYMO’s contribution is already tangible and very positive. Thank you again for your professionalism and for the colossal work you do. It is really appreciated! You guys are the best! »
  • « I do not have to worry about it - it's been proven to me since my first six months at Tafisa 8 years ago that working with SYMO is the best thing to do. » Carole Lespérance, Tafisa Canada
  • « We often had good promises, but SYMO, they really had a big impact on our sales. » Renée Bélanger, Stena inc.
  • « Excellent news! We are gaining momentum, and this with the fantastic support of SYMO. Almost every week we witness your work and the results it brings. Giving you the mandate to promote us to the clientele of architects was an excellent decision. You make a significant difference. A big thank you. »
  • « Hi Michel, a huge thank you to SYMO. You are a truly outstanding business partner. I am currently working on the budgets for next year, including the marketing budget. When would you be free to talk about the future? Waiting for your answer. Thanks! »
  • « From the first months, we can begin to feel that there is more interest for our products, we get a lot of calls, thing that before we did not have, it was us who had to called. » Charles Thibault, Lafarge Canada
  • Following a meeting with SYMO, we will be pleased to provide more references from Clients, Architects and Designers as needed.

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